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Can I plagiarize myself on Turnitin?

Can I plagiarize myself on Turnitin?

Among the numerous academic misconduct, “Plagiarism Free Guarantee” most academic crackdown targets come from explicit plagiarists who directly transfer other people’s works. More subtly, “soft” plagiarism cannot easily attract people’s attention.

In addition to “softness,” there is a broader category – “implicit” plagiarism. A student from a well-known domestic university revealed to a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Online that the graduation thesis co-authored with his supervisor was privately “occupied” by his supervisor: abbreviated as a short paper and secretly published in a journal under his name. The tutor explained that the appearance of only one author was a “journal requirement,”; but the journal responded that “this is impossible.”

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Identifying and analyzing plagiarism is difficult, even for professional organizations and professionals. For example, what can become the standard for judging plagiarism for the middle ground with unclear boundaries?

Li Qi’s method determines whether the author has put forward a new point of view. But the problem is, “The opinion machine cannot recognize it and needs to rely on human comments. But it is difficult for people to be trusted.”

They can only return to the Turnitin software because it works without errors.”

In foreign countries, screening papers rely mainly on anti-plagiarism detection systems. The most commonly used system in foreign universities is Turnitin.

Turnitin compares user-uploaded documents with articles in a back-end database, calculates a similarity ratio, and an “originality report” containing relevant information.

But this system has a vast database:
More than ten thousand different journals
Millions of books
Tens of billions of web pages
It also uses intelligent corpus technology – even if you rewrite the original text, it will be exposed.

Can new technology detect old problems?

Liu Huirong, written in the doctoral dissertation “Acknowledgments” by Hou Huaixia, is currently the Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law and Politics of the Ocean University of China.

Who decides whether to plagiarize or not?

As a member of the “buy cheap essay” Academic Committee of the Ocean University of China, Li Qi remembers that the school set up an expert group after receiving the reported materials. Still, the research on Hou Huaixia’s doctoral dissertation was “much work.”

It took Li Qi two full days to analyze the paper to write the report. Some procedures prescribed by the school took almost a month before and after.

He studied all relevant domestic and foreign norms but found that there are still many vague areas that are not covered by the provisions. He even created a set of judging criteria, holding the paper “word by word,” but whether the paper is plagiarized is still “a tough thing to define.”

“First of all, there are no regulations on plagiarism at home and abroad; secondly, specific to each paper, rigid standards do not work, and it varies from situation to situation.” He said that this process requires a lot of discussion and discussion, and there is no way to use the duplication checking system. Come on, hard.

He said that the Academic Committee of the Ocean University of China “existed independently” and had gone through all the required procedures. He did not keep the detailed analysis report of Hou’s paper.

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A reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Online contacted the Academic Committee of the Law School of the Ocean University of China. The other party said that the Office of Discipline Construction and Degree Management of the Graduate School was responsible for the relevant situation, and the office phone was never answered.

Currently, the academic committees of many colleges and universities in my country are set up in the scientific research departments of the universities. Even independent institutions may be interfered with by organizational factors, and ensuring sufficient fairness in the deliberation of reports isn’t easy.

And identifying plagiarism isn’t just a challenge for colleges and universities. Many of the journal articles that Yao Hongjun reported to Hou Huaixia for allegedly plagiarizing were published before the publication of the CNKI system.

China Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporters contacted the “Journal of Soochow University” and “Journal of Zhengzhou University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition),” where Hou Huaixia had published papers.

According to the Science and Engineering Indicators released by the National Science Foundation in 2018, China surpassed the United States for the first time in the number of published papers. Still, American papers have a higher citation rate. According to statistics from the AEIC Academic Exchange Center, last year, there were 15 cases of plagiarism in Chinese universities that were publicly discussed, many of which were first-class universities in China.

This is one of the reasons he insists on reporting—in Yao Hongjun’s view, figuring out the vagueness of Hou Huaixia’s thesis is not only about the individual but also the overall standard of academic evaluation in my country.

“In the School of Political Science and Law, especially among Juris Doctors, all standards and rules, even unspoken rules, can be discussed.” He said.

Please check the official website of Turnitin, www.Turnitin.com. The paper will not be included in the library and will not be included. The results will be released within 10 minutes and are guaranteed to be the same as the school results.

Can I plagiarize myself on Turnitin?