Before potential customers contact us, they frequently ask, “Can I pack my automobile when shipping it?” It’s perfectly appropriate to ask this question, however it’s not that easy to give a clear answer.

When moving, it makes sense to look for ways to save money, and transporting your vehicle and possessions at the same time looks like a smart move.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re moving and want to learn more about shipping a car with items in it.

Is shipping a car with personal belongings inside of it legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to send an automobile across the nation with personal belongings inside. However, every business has its own set of guidelines for how things should be done.

There are some businesses who would rather not offer such a choice due to the constant possibility of the goods being damaged or stolen while being transported by car. The majority of businesses advise removing all personal stuff from your car before shipping it.

It can be more expensive to ship a car with home things inside.

Keep in mind that if you opt to keep some of your personal belongings inside the automobile, the cost of your car shipping service may increase.

This is due to the weight restrictions that are depending on the make and type of each car cargo. If you go beyond these restrictions, the cost of your auto transport service may go up. In the worst instance, it can result in the carrier rejecting your vehicle.

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Why it can be dangerous to ship a car with belongings inside

Any personal goods left inside the vehicle should be kept in the trunk or below the window lines, according to certain auto transport providers. This lowers the likelihood of theft.

The chance of a break-in increases when you transport stuff in your car. Carriers don’t frequently travel directly from one place to another. They will stop for fuel and rest stations along the way. Your car’s full of personal goods will be visible to passers-by, and for some people, this will be highly alluring and a chance not to be passed up. You shall be held accountable for any shattered windows, forced open trunks, or unlocked doors that result from it.

Realistically speaking, the same guidelines still apply whether you park your car in a vacant lot. You should lock your doors, keep nothing visible, and bury any valuables.

Things to think about while transporting a car and your stuff

There are a few things to think about if you want to transport some of your belongings in your car.

Not Having Insurance

Remember that any belongings inside your automobile are not protected by the carrier’s cargo insurance when considering whether or not to ship them. You mail any personal belongings at your own risk. Theft of those products or potential damage to them is not the carrier’s fault.

The following restrictions additionally apply:

Anything kept inside your car must be level with the window, or lower.

Firearms, explosives, combustible goods, alcohol, and other unlawful materials are among the prohibited items.

The combined weight of the things you intend to ship in your car cannot be more than 100 pounds.

Make sure the carrier and the driver are aware of the things if you’re willing to assume the risk. Your things will be kept as safe as possible if you select a reputable and experienced auto shipping company, but they are not required to insure them.

Put things in the trunk.

It is advised that you leave nothing in the cab of your car. Anyone who wants to peep inside your car can do so and see what you’ve left there because it has windows. For some people, seeing such objects could be incredibly alluring.

Keep the front and back seats, as well as the floorboards of the front seats, empty. Put your personal belongings in a box or suitcase and lock it in the trunk of your car if you want to keep them as secure as you can.

You can ship some products outside of your car in the trailer if you choose enclosed auto transport. They must be crates, though.

The shipping policy for personal items has an exemption. You are not permitted to ship anything inside your car while shipping it to or from Hawaii.

The Heightened danger of vehicle damage

There is a certain degree of shifting while a car is being hauled on a trailer. The same cannot be said for any personal items that may be inside your automobile, which is locked and protected by the carrier’s insurance.

It is advised that possessions be contained in a bag, box, or suitcase to prevent them from shifting around and sustaining harm. The things can also malfunction, in which case you’d have to pay to have them fixed or replaced.

The best tips for transporting stuff in your car

Never ship your car with valuables inside.

All boxes, bags, and suitcases should be visible from the window.

Avoid packing delicate objects

Avoid over packing as this could cause your car to exceed the weight limit.

Never transport combustible materials, liquids, or weapons.

Before placing anything in your trunk, get in touch with your delivery provider.

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