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Eight poor lifestyle choices that harm the health of your skin


Have you ever wondered why your skin looks lifeless and unhealthy, even if you use all the best serums and creams? This is because our lifestyle has an impact on our health and our skin. Let’s see which poor lifestyle choices have the major impact.

Poor hygiene

Before we go skin deep, let’s address the issue of not properly washing up before going to bed. Especially if you’re a female, who loves makeup, skipping on daily face hygiene will take a toll on your complexion. The steps you need to take to improve your hygiene is to wash your face both in the morning and in the evening. Use a mild soap or a cleanser. Don’t forget to hydrate your face after you strip it of all the dirt and oils.

Lack of hydration

If you don’t drink enough water throughout each day the effects will be visible on your skin. We need water to function properly, to lush out toxins and to have plump skin and a healthy complexion. If your body is in lack, it will start to show on your complexion. Your skin will be dull, and flaky and it will lose its elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles will be more visible and you will lack that skin glow. The key here is to fix your daily water intake and hydrate your skin with the right skin products.


Smoking comes with a number of health issues. So, if you’ve picked up this habit at some point in life, consider dropping it as soon as possible. One of the side effects of smoking is premature aging. We all know that aging is inevitable, but we don’t have to add to it with our poor lifestyle choices. So, do yourself and your skin a favour and stop smoking.

Poor sleep

We’ve all heard of the phrase beauty sleep and it actually means what it implies. We need sleep to be and look healthy and healthy is beautiful. Lack of sleep also leads to premature aging, poor health and a variety of health issues. The skin barrier decreases as the effect of poor sleep increases. So, if you’ve been wondering why your skin looks almost lifeless and dehydrated, and dark circles have taken their permanent residency under your eyes, it’s time to work on bettering your lifestyle habits. In the meantime, while you start adopting better choices, you can also get the assistance of a dermatologist and get advice on the best treatments to improve your skin.

Unhealthy diet

We’re all guilty of eating whatever we want, no matter if it’s healthy or unhealthy. Indulging yourself once in a while is good for you because life is all about striking the right balance. But, if your daily activity is low, so you won’t even get a chance to turn that food into energy, then the consequences of poor dietary choices will be noticeable in your weight and skin quality. Fast food, too much sugar, lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, will have an impact on your skin and complexion. Acne might break out, your skin might be oilier than usual, and you may look puffy and dehydrated. So, the key to healthier skin is to clean up your diet and strike the right balance.

Too much sun

Too much sun exposure without adequate protection can be harmful. Yes, we need optimal sun exposure to stay healthy, boost Vitamin D levels and release those happy hormones to feel better and fight seasonal depression. However, we should pay attention to having the right sun protection when we step outside to get our daily dose of sunlight. SPF is a necessity because sun exposure also leads to premature aging, loss of skin elasticity, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. So, slatter your skin with SPF 50 and you will be protected against harmful UVA rays. It’s also recommended to wear light clothes, even during the hotter months to protect your skin, not just your face.

Too much alcohol

When you drink alcohol, you basically dehydrate your body. One drink won’t do any damage, because it won’t dehydrate your body as much. However, too much alcohol has a completely different effect on your body and your skin. Especially if you have any existing skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis and other, the conditions can get even worse.

Drinking too much alcohol will dry your skin, increase puffiness, and redness and bloat your skin. So, if you want to change how your skin looks, try eliminating alcohol from your life. Try to drink more moderately, if you can’t eliminate alcohol entirely. Also, remember to drink water after each drink to help your body retain water, not lose it completely.

Lack of physical exercise

If you sit all day, go by car everywhere and do not engage in planned weekly physical activities, your skin will sugar. Lack of physical exercise has a negative effect both on our bodies and our minds. Our health can suffer the most because movement is needed to have a healthy body.

Physical exercise can improve how your skin looks because it improves circulation, thus you’ll look healthier and get that glowing skin. After a workout, you’ll feel better, sleep better and fight off stress. As a consequence, your complexion will improve significantly.

Lastly, we should not forget to mention stress. Stress can also make our skin look dull and unhealthy. But, this is something that can be fought with exercise.

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