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Common Study Errors that IB Economics Student Makes


IB economics exam is one of the bulkiest and most difficult exams you know. Economics is all about production, consumption, and distribution in an individual and collective manner. Many students are afraid to opt for economics in IBDP. Micro and macroeconomics are the other broader terms that can drive more complications in your mind.

After recognizing this, IB economics provides customized content to make it easy for you to understand these broader topics on two levels. The First one is the standard level and the second one is the higher level. You have noticed many students who attempt their best in exams. But couldn’t able to get the results that they think of. These common mistakes that we are going to elaborate in this blog can be the one of reasons. To avoid these mistakes firstly you should be aware of them.

Common study errors that IB economics student makes

Following are some of the common mistakes that you often consciously or unconsciously have attempted.

Not ensuring the ‘DEED’ method:

The term “DEED” basically stands for Definitions Explanations Example Diagram. This is a frequent mistake that lots of IB economics students are doing during the attention of exams. At this time, you should know the importance of the ‘DEED’ method.

You should learn this method in an appropriate way to get good marks in IB SL and HL exams. To attain this you should practice this method while attempting your class tests or revision material. That will helps you to write a well-structured answer in exams and save lots of time.

Using inappropriate diagrams:

Everyone is not good at drawing but it doesn’t mean that you can’t draw a simple and neat diagram. In economics, it is important to include Statics and facts and portray them in diagrams or flowcharts to stand out your answer.

However, some students make blunder mistakes while doing this. To avoid this, Firstly you have to do an in-depth study of these diagrams.

Secondly, you should try to practice every diagram at least 4-5 five times. This will help you to remember a diagram and concept even after the exams.

Use a pencil, eraser, and scale while drawing the diagrams. Sometimes students use a pen to draw diagrams which leads to unclear or messy diagrams. That’s why they ended up scoring less.

Investing too much time in data resource questions:

Data resource questions are a crucial part of IB HL and SL exams. Some of the students attempt to solve these questions first and invest too much of their time in solving these questions.

In last that led them to have a shortage of time. To avoid these circumstances you should attempt the easy and quick questions first. You should try to focus on DTQs from day one and can also practice these questions on the daily basis. That will help you to perform these questions quickly.

Not labeling the graph:

For economics, you know how essential these graphs are. Most students do this silly mistake while attempting the IB economics exam. They draw and paste the graph but forgot to label it which results in scoring less. This is truly a product of carelessness. You should label the graph more precisely and neatly. You must have to use the right terminology while labeling the graphs.

Lack of concentration:

Focus and concentration are something that was required during the exam. And lack of concentration can result in result scoreless. Because of the lack of concentration students don’t read the question properly which interrupts the format of answers or the entire answer.

There are always some clues or triggered points in question that they give answers. So you must read the question and answer accordingly. Everyone should utilize at least 5-10 min to read the questions. Learning a new thing requires time and concentration. Consistent practice of economics will build up your concentration level.

Deficiency in time management:

Running short of time during exams must be a nightmare for many students. You need to be organized and managed not only in exams but also while preparing for exams. Lack of practice and familiarity with exam patterns could be the one reason for you not to complete the exam in a given time.

Firstly you should practice the previous year’s papers or some other study material to get familiar with the exam patterns. Secondly, you should divide your time according to the questions that which question required how much time. Proofreading is important while attempting an exam it is the best way to avoid and edit these mistakes.

 Three Common mistakes while writing the Extended essays:

 It is equally important for you to avoid mistakes while writing your economics extended essay. Extended essays are the eternal part of IBDP.

  1. The common mistake while writing economics EE is that students don’t understand the elements of these essays.
  2. They choose the wrong schedule while writing an EE.
  3. They don’t understand the responsibilities of their EE.

Extended essays are not reports these are well-researched papers. The EE is based on the hypothesis that is your point of view. And this hypothesis can be used as the fundamental of your EE. And research questions work as a spine of your EE.

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Mistakes are splendid blunders till you’re learning from them. You can approach for a personal tutor or can subscribe the online websites like Tribe topper to get the study material and guidance.