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Home Shipping Service: How Does Lowes Truck Delivery Work?

Lowe's truck delivery

Due to growing consumer demand, online shopping has become quite prevalent. Your packages can be delivered to your door swiftly and easily. Lowes Truck Delivery to your door is your one shipping option if you shop at Lowes. A practical and cheap option that improves your shopping experience is home delivery. Read this article on the FindCouponHere blog to learn more about Lowes truck delivery. What is Lowe’s ship-to-home service, and how is it different from the truck delivery service?

Lowe’s Truck Delivery: What Is It? Lowe’s Home Shipping: What is it?

Lowes Truck Delivery

When you purchase a substantial item from Lowes, such as lumber or plywood sheets, you might wonder, “What is Lowes Truck Delivery?” You have the option of selecting a delivery date, time, and location for your purchase using truck delivery. Even though this service is free, you still need to show a working ID. If you choose in-store pickup or curbside delivery, the shipping cost will go higher. Truck delivery, in any case, makes it straightforward to get the enormous item you need. You will receive an email to confirm delivery after your order is received. In the event that your items are too big or heavy to send via conventional parcel delivery, Lowe’s will deliver them to the closest main entrance of your house (or as close as possible for gated homes).

Lowes Truck Delivery
Lowes Truck Delivery

Lowe’s Home Delivery

Postal carriers are used in shipping to home deliveries to reach your home. If you decide to order by truck, it will arrive after the agreed-upon delivery date and be delivered by Lowe’s employees. Ship to Home is meant for smaller things like picture hangers, tools, housewares, and small furniture. The sort of things in your orders and the shipment procedure are the two most obvious differences when comparing Lowes truck delivery and ship to the house. Many clients believe home delivery to be more difficult and require multiple departments in the process.

Cost of shipping a home versus using Lowe’s truck delivery

The shipping cost must be taken into account first and foremost when addressing the question, “What is Lowes truck delivery?” You must meet certain criteria in order to receive a free truck delivery Lowes discount because shipping charges vary depending on the shipping method and service level. 

According to Lowe’s website, the cost of truck delivery might exceed $79 when a truck is sent for, let’s say, 100 8-ft. 2×4 items. That works out to $79 for an OSB sheet that is 4 feet by 8 feet. Additionally, your purchases must be accessible at a shop 75 miles from your house in order to use Lowes Truck Delivery. For an order of $80, delivery fees can be high and double your cost. However, if you want to make a larger purchase or take into account the transportation expenses, such as gas, time, and labor for loading and unloading the vehicle, this can be a decent deal.

Cost of shipping a home versus using Lowe's truck delivery
Cost of shipping a home versus using Lowe’s truck delivery

Even though truck delivery is obviously more expensive because it doubles your budget, regular delivery will cost $5.99 for purchases under $45 to transport things. Two-day delivery is an extra $8.99 for each item. For next-day delivery, Lowe’s further charges $19.99.

Items from Lowe’s Free Truck Delivery

The shipping period starts once an order has been prepared and dispatched. For instance, a backordered item ordered with normal delivery could take up to a week to process before showing up at your door. Some items might be delivered straight from a vendor, adding extra processing time. The most precise shipping estimate will be given to you after you have added the item to your cart.

There are some requirements you should be aware of in order to qualify for the free Lowes Truck Delivery:

  • Prior to applying taxes, fees, or shipping charges, your order must total $45 or more.
  • Free shipping will not be given if any eligible goods are removed from an order, bringing the final cost down to less than $45.
  • Items that fulfill the standard weight or cube standards and weigh less than 150 pounds (or 70 pounds for PO boxes and APO/FPO locations).
  • Orders that ship to a single address are the only ones that qualify for free shipping.
  • Free shipping is not available for Special Order products. Special Order products cannot be picked up in the shop on the same day because they have a future availability date.

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In order to offer you the greatest response to your query on what Lowes truck delivery is, we have provided you with an overview. To summarize, use the home delivery service if your order is not large or heavy. In contrast, you will want the truck delivery service for bigger things that are difficult to fit into the required cubes. Additionally, Lowes has a solid delivery policy, and for your online orders, you can select between two delivery alternatives based on what best suits your needs. When buying Lowes home renovations, appliances, etc., you may save money by using top coupon lists like Up To 20% OFF With Lowes Bulk Savings or Up To 50% OFF Savings At Lowes,…