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How To Draw Snoopy Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

How To Draw Snoopy Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids I am overjoyed to offer you this amusing and engaging drawing lesson in which you will be led through drawing Snoopy in a series of step-by-step instructions. I guess you’ve heard of a character that’s kind of like Snoopy before.

This fictional dog of the beagle breed was introduced in the Peanuts comic book series. He became an instant favorite among Peanuts readers after his debut. Drawing For Kids there is a considerable probability that you have encountered this photograph quite frequently due to its widespread circulation.

Snoopy Drawing For Kids

In the course of the events depicted in the cartoon, it is revealed that a young girl by the name of Lila sends a letter to the dog, in which she extends an invitation to come and visit her. This man is very thoughtful and compassionate, and it is because of these qualities he chooses to visit Leela alongside his buddy woodpecker.

Cute Snoopy Drawing For Kids

Snoopy would spend most of his time daydreaming while dozing off while lying on the roof of his doghouse. In one of his recurring bouts of daydreaming, he was the World War I Flying Ace. He fought vicious aerial battles against his archrival, the Red Baron while wearing pilot’s goggles and a flowing red scarf. His doghouse was transformed into a fighter plane. In the middle of the 1960s, the American rock group the Royal Guardsmen wrote two humorous novelty songs about this competition, which became popular then.

Joe Cool, a jazz saxophonist and a soldier in the French Foreign Legion, were two of Snoopy’s other aliases throughout his life. Woodstock, a small yellow bird whose exact species was never identified by Schulz, was first introduced in the late 1960s and quickly became Snoopy’s sidekick, accompanying him on his many adventures. Schulz never did identify Woodstock’s species.


  • A set of coloring tools, such as colored pencils, paper, and an eraser
  • The time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw Snoopy

  • It seems like Snoopy’s head should have a rough outline drawn in.
    To indicate the top of the character’s head, draw a long, curved line like the one shown in the example. This line should be similar in shape to the one shown.
  • In your drawing, be sure to include the curves of the torso.
    Create a second curved line by connecting the two ends of the line created previously with this one.
  • Include the facial qualities in your description.
    After adding a curve to the top of the head, an oval, and an arc within the head’s contour, add another curve to the drawing in the form of a line.
  • Draft a basic outline of the creature’s tail, ears, and snout.
    To draw these components, you must use curved lines of different lengths.
  • It is necessary to draw Snoopy’s paw in some fashion.
    Draw the character’s paw on the side of their torso using curved lines, just as the figure depicts how it should be drawn.

Draft a picture of the character’s paw and save it

  • Draw the paw and two tiny rounded lines at the bottom of the outline you just generated.
  • Make a drawing of the character’s additional paw, if they have one.
    You can draw curving lines to represent Snoopy’s second paw if you want to illustrate it.
  • Add details.
    It is necessary to draw lines on Snoopy’s nose, ear, neck, and tail in the shown places.
  • To complete the drawing, please use various colors.
    It would look best if you gave this character dark coloring.
  • I have formatted the file as a PDF for you, as is my usual practice, and it is available for you to download at any time. When you require access to the manual or any other helpful materials, this file will allow you to retrieve them quickly and easily.