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How to Fix a Samsung Refrigerator That’s Not Cooling


While purchasing a good quality refrigerator gains primal importance, the process of proper maintenance and functioning check isn’t talked about much. But these underlying processes are very important to keep your fridge in the best working manner. Customers often face a common issue of their refrigerator abruptly stopping cooling.

Most of the users aren’t aware of the reasons for such happenings. These kinds of problems can also occur in your high-end Samsung fridge without your knowledge. So, it is better to check the condition of your refrigerator. If you own a fridge and have problems when a refrigerator stops cooling, here’s the list of possible causes:

1. Try a quick reset of your fridge:

If your refrigerator stops cooling, try to reset it by quickly pulling the plug for 5 minutes. There might be a lack of cooling if that doesn’t function due to the incorrectly set up Demo mode or a faulty component.

If you are looking to buy the best budget-friendly refrigerator with no cooling problem, go for a Samsung refrigerator that provides optimal cooling. Also, with the latest Samsung refrigerators, you have a sensor that detects and informs you about the range of cooling mechanisms present in your fridge. 

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2. Avoid sunlight and heat:

Move your fridge if you can, if your refrigerator is in direct contact with excessive sunlight. If it is impossible to move the refrigerator, lower the temperature controls in your fridge and freezer if dual-purpose compliance. Always remember, the higher the outside temperature (for instance, if it is summer) lower the fridge settings to balance and maintain the most elevated cooling. The low-price range of a Samsung fridge offers direct cool technology, having moisture and humidity control inside the refrigerator.

3. Keep it away from the wall:

A fridge needs a place and space around and behind it to pass air freely and cool the condenser quickly. If you have cooling issues with the refrigerator, try moving away from the wall. The lowest air space you require between the fridge and wall is one inch approximately. The digital compressor of the 198L Samsung fridge guarantees that a refrigerator supplies optimal cooling throughout the refrigerator. 

4. Don’t overload it:

Your fridge will not be immediately cool if you have overloaded it with items blocking dents or ventures. You need to check the spaced items enough to allow the cold air circulation to move freely and ensure that the groceries aren’t blocking the incidents or ducts. Try experiencing a 234L Samsung fridge that is spacious with a frost-free double-door refrigerator. 

5. Inspect the refrigerator door:

Check that your fridge door is adequately secured and closed. If the air is escaping from the fridge, it won’t cool effectively. Check the gaskets and rubber seals on your fridge door. Check the opposite and closing surface, if they are damaged or cracked, it will cause a cooling issue, and the refrigerator needs to be replaced. 

6. Check the temperature settings:

Suppose you have accidentally pressed the temperature control settings on your fridge, and it is not cooling effectively. Buy a Samsung fridge that offers exclusive modern and stylish features at the lowest price to solve this issue. You need to check the controls and adjust them to the average level. The normal temperature inside a fridge could be -2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

7. What about condenser coils?

If you buy a Samsung fridge or have already purchased it, you will find condenser coils mounted on the refrigerator back or recessed inside the cabinet. You need to clean them if the rings are dust-covered or greasy. If you purchased a Samsung fridge, it is advised to use a vacuum cleaner and a crevice tool to get into the tricky spots. Once you remove the greasy areas, take a damp cloth to thoroughly remove the debris around the condenser coils. 

8. Is the condenser motor fan false?

Ensure that your fridge is unplugged for this step. If the condenser fan motor is broken or faulty, it will not cool your fridge. So, do check twice that the motor fan blades are unobstructed. If something comes their way, the edges won’t spin and cannot carry their job. 

If there are no obstructions, check the multimeter to test the fan motor for continuity. The fridge needs to receive power at this stage, so plug the refrigerator back in. If your motor fan doesn’t receive electric continuity, you need to replace them. 

9. Faulty restart relay:

The compressor will fail to run if the start relay is not working. It eventually means that your fridge will not be effectively cool. Use a multimeter test to find if the start relay is working correctly. If the start relay does not have continuity between the run and start options, you need to replace it. If the opening relay has a burnt smell coming, replace it. If you want to purchase the best budget-friendly refrigerators, look no further and buy a Samsung fridge. 

10. Faulty temperature control board:

If your fridge has a faulty temperature control board, it won’t be sending proper voltage to the refrigerator’s cooling system. Before thinking about replacing the entire board, first look for the faults in the components that will save you money and time. It is because panels can be easily misdiagnosed. You may replace the test board by yourself or go to the nearest fridge service center. 

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