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Online Events – Setup Your Event In Easy Steps


With so much competition in the market, hosting an online event might get tougher and tougher. Without the right kind of planning and scheduling for the event, along with a perfect marketing strategy, your event can be a boring video lecture with no attendee count.

Here comes the role of exploring innovative ideas to gather the audience’s attention and create new pathways for revenue generation. This blog is all about detailing the setup process for hosting online events. In addition to this, we’ll also let you know the important elements of any online event. There is virtual exhibition software that reduces the burden of handling everything in your online event.

Key Elements Of An Online Event 

The pillars of any virtual event can be the attendee count, their data, the professional platform, and engagement with the audience. In addition to this, online events are a pure combination of live and prerecorded components. Some of the crucial elements of these events are – 

Event Website and Registration Page

Registration pages are the face of your event before it actually happens. With the help of any professional service provider, you can customize your landing pages. The event website is the place where all the magic happens. Make sure to make a smooth UI for the audience and the option of giving feedback after the event.

In addition to this, try to add a little description of the event theme so that your audience knows what’s going to happen in your event.

Live Polling and Other Features 

Live polling is one of the best ways to ensure the active participation of the audience. In addition to this, you can also organize live Q&A sessions to gauge the level of understanding of the audience. Above all, most of the features work well for gaining the attention of your target audience. In fact, these activities tend to hold your audience’s attention for long hours on the platform.

Feedback Forums 

Feedback is very important for making improvements to the event process. In addition to this, it is also important to note points for further modifications to your event. This will eliminate errors in the event and make it the best from the audience’s point of view.

Surveys help the presenters evaluate the event’s performance. Furthermore, with the help of professional service platforms, you get powerful insights for accurately working with figures on the evaluation of the event’s performance.

How To Effectively Setup Your Online Event: Follow These Easy Steps 

Step 1: Know Event Objectives 

This is a very crucial step that is involved in making an event successful. The objectives will let you decide what kind of audience you want in your event session and what type of features you want to include in your event. In addition to this, it’ll also let you know the audience’s expectations from your session.

Step 2: Selection Of The Event Format

After setting up your event goals, the next step is to select the format of the event. It is also a crucial component that is responsible for the smooth flow of the content in a very interactive way. Some of the popular event formats include webinar sessions, trade shows, town halls, video conferences, exhibitions, and much more.

Step 2: Step Into the Audience’s Shoes 

This actually means that you should observe some aspects of the event not as a sponsor but from the audience’s point of view. This works with the selection of online ticketing for the ease and convenience of the audience. In addition to this, the size of the audience also matters for your event. Try to fit everything in and make everyone on the same page for better outputs.

Step 3: Selection Of Event Platform 

This step can make your event better or worse. With the right kind of affordable exhibition platform, you can gather the maximum audience and build the credibility of your brand. In addition to this, with poor selection, your event can just be a waste of time and money for the audience. Make sure your platform provides you with a cost-effective solution to your event needs.

Step 4: Event Agenda

Without an agenda, your event will run in all directions. Most of the audience doesn’t like everything to be served in just one session. Try to focus on one single target and describe everything right from the start. In addition to this, based on this, you have to prepare your guest speakers or industry speakers to deal with your target audience.

Step 4: Addition Of Interactive Elements 

This is very important to engage the audience with your session. In fact, the best engagement results in turning your event attendees into potential customers. Elements depending on the type of event, such as live polling, real-time feedback, handouts, screen sharing, and much more.

Step 5: Running Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are the backbone of any event. Without promotions, you can never get the desired audience for your event. With the help of professional platforms, this job has become quite easy. The event URL can be sent across all the leading social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition to this, you can also customize your landing pages, send invitation emails, etc., to promote your online event. However, it is equally important to rely on affordable exhibition platforms for the best results.

Step 6: Post Event Follow Ups

Last, but surely not least, follow-ups and feedback are very important. When the event is over, it is over for the audience, not for the sponsors. The sponsors should run survey campaigns to know the performance of the event from the audience’s point of view. In addition to this, note down the key takeaways from the surveys for the further scope of modification in the upcoming events.

Summing Up

Hosting an online event is very easy. But, major difficulty arises when you have so many things to handle in so little time. With the selection of the right type of professional service platform and speakers, you can actually create wonders by hosting online events.

Additionally, I hope by following these steps you got an idea of working on online events and the key technicalities which make them so complex. I repeat, it is the process that makes things go smoothly, not just the output.