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Progen PR4 In GTA 5: Each And Everything You Need To Know About Progen PR4

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The Progen PR4 is an auto racing car that appears in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, published on February 20, 2020, even during Blista Kanjo Week occasion.

Progen PR4 in GTA 5

This vehicle is a work of art in automotive manufacturing. It is equipped with the most advanced technology and is only intended for one purpose: to win races. As a result, their qualities are pretty unique. This machine is not designed for dirt roads; it prefers smooth asphalt, but it will perform all of the miracles I can get in such situations. Accelerating to top speed is instant, as is braking. Excellent handling and a solid connection to the earth despite imperfections.

If you’re wondering where you can get this car in GTA 5 Online, the answer is a little disheartening: It’s on the street, and stealing it for free won’t work. Of course, if you choose to grab it from one of their pals who has already purchased it. If you’re wondering what the Progen PR4 is in everyday life, we can tell you that it’s an average racing automobile, though there are many different types.

Design of Progen PR4

The PR4 is a Formula One car based on the 1989 McLaren MP4/5, as demonstrated by the V10 motor and single wing/spoiler, albeit the steeper nose, flatter intake manifold, and thinner rear features are more reminiscent of the 1991 McLaren MP4/6. Some of the improvements offered at Los Santos Customs appear to be based on the MP4/5B. Dinka Racing Division donated the engine, which mirrors McLaren’s Honda power.

Internal structure

The PR4 has a short, limited layout with a long snout and big dual blades at the front, an open driver chamber, modest side openings, and a large rear bumper with a single tail light. The car’s whole bottom is carbon-coated. The PR4 also uses racing slick tires for the wheels, comparable to cars like the Drift Tampa or the Hotring Sabre, and even it’s custom “Race” wheels. The primary coloring is applied to the vehicle, while the supplementary pigment is applied to the surfaces of the wings. Its interior features a race-style digital touchscreen display and several buttons throughout the dashboard and rear wheels.

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The PR4 is a remarkably well-rounded vehicle with good handling and braking. When trying tight corners at incredible velocities, the car can experience mild understeer, which can be remedied by simply applying the brakes. The disadvantage of driving this vehicle is that the operator would be unable to utilize their armaments, putting the player in danger of being assaulted and unable to return fire.

Unlike the other vehicles, the PR4’s damage absorption will result in the body kit breaking apart, revealing the engine and base frame rather than distortion. This might produce more significant understeer when the automobile loses traction due to the missing pieces, notably if the spoiler is missing.

Effect of force

Because of the massive drag force, the PR4 can drive on walls, even if they are slightly curved outwardly, and even ceiling if the player positions the car appropriately, notably in the Los Santos Storm Drain, which has inclined. The PR4 is powered by a V10 engine with a large intake and double carburetors/throttle bodies. Its noise is a more excellent variant of the Tyrus’ engine noise. The “Turbo Exhaust” upgrade installs a turbocharger on each side of the vehicle.

In Freemode, both the PR4 and the R88 have distinct downforce values. Considering the front and rear wing configurations, one can give either lesser downforce to promote acceleration or higher drag force to improve cornering ability. On the other hand, Wing installations have no influence on the car in Open Wheel Races because they reset torque and power numbers.


In addition to its remarkable speed, the PR4 incorporates KERS, which allows the driver to raise their motion somewhat by triggering the Boost, much like the Lectro and the Vindicator. The Boost will last 4 seconds and takes roughly six seconds to charge to peak capability, although it does not seem to be full to work. To refill the Boost, the vehicle must begin decreasing down to allow it to charge. Stopping, accelerating, or reversing the car will prohibit the Boost from replenishing.

How to get PR4 in GTA 5?

Legendary Motorsport sells the PR4 (Formula one racing Car) in GTA 5 for $3,515,000. The PR4 (Formula 1 Car) can be kept private transportation in either of your properties/garages. It is possible to personalize it at Los Santos Customs. You can also customize it in a Vehicle Workshops located on one of your properties owned.

After acquiring the PR4 (Formula one racing Car), you can demand delivery from the Mechanic. Before you may buy this racing F1 car, you can spin the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort starting on February 20, 2020, for a chance at winning a free Progen PR4 as the Podium Car, with a red-and-white Redwood livery.

Let’s now discuss how to purchase this vehicle in GTA Online. Due to the car’s rarity and high price, the owner must be exceedingly wealthy. You’ll need three and a half million GTA$ to buy, which is enough to get a tank. In that case, feel free to order the vehicle through Legendary Motorsport. You can discover how to sell Progen PR4 in GTA 5 if she appears pointless or unneeded.

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