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A Comprehensive Guide About Why Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On?

xbox 360 controller won't turn on

Have trouble configuring your Xbox 360 controller? Are your Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on? Then continue reading this post. This will be beneficial to you. You’ll find the solutions to your questions in this article. In this day and age, applications are evolving at a breakneck pace. In the field of gaming, where innovative approaches are being introduced. It was initially performed with keys, but it is getting increasingly modern as the contemporary era progresses. You may now play it by simply looking at the screen. Furthermore, these games are getting increasingly difficult to regulate with today’s technology.

Xbox 360 Controller Won’t Turn On

If you’re having trouble getting your Xbox 360 controller to turn on, there are several possible causes. One common issue is a dead battery, in which case you’ll need to replace the batteries or charge the controller if it’s a rechargeable model.

Another possible issue is a malfunctioning USB cable, which may need to be replaced if it’s damaged or not working properly. You can also try resetting the controller by removing the batteries, unplugging it from the console, and then plugging it back in.

If none of these steps work, the issue may be with the controller itself, in which case you may need to get a replacement controller or have it repaired. It’s important to troubleshoot the issue before reaching any conclusions, as this can help ensure you find the right solution to get your controller working again.

This section will look at a particular challenge whenever the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on. If the corresponding error message is displayed:

Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on: restart the controller

This signifies that your Xbox 360 consoles are not attached to the controller. This error can be attributed to a variety of factors. These arguments will be discussed shortly below. Some difficulties may prohibit the Xbox 360 controller from functioning correctly. Such include batteries, a charge and playback kit, or internal flaws. Some of it can be easily corrected with minimal effort. Here are the explanations for why the Controller 360 would turn on.


The primary reason an Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on is a dead battery. The battery does not function properly if they are put in correctly.

Battery contacts:

If somehow the battery connections are rubbed or resolved excessively, it may be the reason for the chic 360 controllers shutting off.

Faulty Charging Cable:

A defective charging cable can cause the Xbox 360 controller.

Firmware Issues:

If any repairs are interrupted, the Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on.

Hardware Fault:

Perhaps something appears to be technically sturdy on the exterior but is defective or defective from the inside

Method 1: Resolve the Battery and Power Issues

Old batteries can hamper the functionality of the device. This influences both the speed and the interface with the gadget. Here are some other measures to take to resolve the problem if your Xbox 360 controller won’t turn on.

  • Take the rechargeable batteries and electrodes out of the way.
  • Push the button in the upper battery cover to release it and take batteries out of the backup batteries.
  • Change the batteries with fresh stuff.
  • If you have a rechargeable battery pack, recharge the controller. It is simple to charge with a USB cord. Connect the charging station to the gadget to be captured and leave it for two and a half hours to set.
  • Ensure that your Xbox is turned on. If you’re charging with a USB cable.
  • You can perform while charging your Xbox 360.

The light becomes red when you connect your Xbox 360 controller to the system. Whenever the light is fully charged, it will change color. Examine the contact surface at the underside of the battery pack. You would be unable to turn just on the controller if it has degraded.

It would help if you cleaned them.

Determine whether your battery pack is unstable or shaking. Then it would be best if you repaired it. This could allow your controller to shut down. As previously stated, the presidential primary reason for shutting off the Xbox 360.

Method 2: Disable Interferences Connection

  • Disconnect the controller and power of the system. Turn off the Xbox 360 for five seconds.
  • After switching on the controller, perform the following steps.
  • Continue pressing and holding the “X” button to power the controller.
  • Press the link button on the device’s front.
  • Then, within 20 seconds, push the start button on your console.
  • If the indicators on the system stop blinking, it implies your Xbox 360 controller is linked to the machine.
  • Remove all mobile technologies between you and the Xbox console to keep a stronger connection. Microwaves, wireless connections, and laptop computers were among the gadgets mentioned.
  • Remove any physical barriers between your Xbox 360 controller and your platform.
  • Keep your Xbox within arm’s reach of the controllers.

The crucial thing to remember is that four controllers can be connected at the very same time. When there are already four controllers connected, your device will not touch. If the problem remains, proceed to the next step.

Method 3: Reinstall your Xbox 360 using

If the problem persists, you must reboot the Xbox console. Microsoft is not suggested, so you must contact Customer Services before proceeding.

  • Press and hold the “sync” button in the front of the Xbox for 30 seconds.
  • Remember that Xbox should indeed be turned on. The lights will flicker and swirl before turning off.
  • If you continue to hold the key, the LEDs will turn off.
  • Unplug all device drivers linked to the Xbox console.
  • After that, wait 5 minutes. Then, connect any input devices and your Xbox 360 controllers to your machine.

If you have tried all of the above ways and the issue remains, you should contact Microsoft’s assistance center or buy a brand new Xbox 360 controller.

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