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What Is Wayfinding Signage? And What Is The Reason It Is Important?

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Signs for wayfinding, just as the name implies, assists you to navigate around the office, establishment or any other physical place.

It can guide you from point A to B and track the direction you are travelling. This kind of sign is especially useful to:

  •         Medical and office buildings; hospitals
  •         Financial and educational institutions
  •         Tourist Attractions
  •         Bars and restaurants
  •         Retail outlets, malls, and car dealerships

In essence, wayfinding signage isn’t a method of promoting or advertising; however, it can play a significant role in presenting a positive corporate image.

If you’re able to provide an efficient and clear wayfinding sign your clients will feel at ease in your space. Additionally, they will feel confident because they’ll be able to locate what they’re looking for without asking for assistance.

Wayfinding Signage For Identification

The most popular kind of way finding signs is identification. These signs notify visitors that they are at the desired location within your building.

A Few Examples Of Signage Are

  •         Door plaques that tell you which office is it
  •         Signs that indicate the department you’re in, for example the accounting department or customer support
  •         Signs that indicate the location of a landmark, such as historic or plaque.

Identification signs can also be used as a general reference point, for example, a wall sign to be place on the wall behind the reception desk with the name of your business and the logo that clearly shows which business you’re visiting.

Signs like these can be extremely helpful, particularly when you live in a huge building with different organisations or businesses sharing the same space. Signs for identification must be simple and clear to be easily understood in a matter of minutes.

Signage Is Important And Essential To Wayfinding

Wayfinding is one of the mother disciplines focus on helping users navigate through the world to reach the place they’d like to go without trouble.

Sometimes, it’s about marking areas with specific names and symbols that speak about their names, meanings, utility as well as historical significance and information.

These markings, which are usually place on plates, boards, and walls other surfaces, or other surfaces. These are know as signs.

Why Do We Need Signages?

There Are A Variety Of Reasons To Consider

The average user doesn’t have a view from the sky and must be direct to various locations within the space. The user also needs to be guide within and out of an area in a way that is appropriate,

Users may not know the names of several locations and require prompt confirmation and feedback to ensure that they don’t ,

The user might not be able see the available utilities within a space or building from the outside, and might require this information in advance from outside in order to determine whether to enter or not.

A person may not be aware and therefore may need details about a specific area that might be of attention, and there might not be a person or a medium that has authentic information on the subject.

What Media Is Used To Create Wayfinding Signs And Signage?

Boardroom signs may be non-digital, digital, or in between depending on the context. They can be of organic, inorganic, or synthetic materials.

However, signs can be limit because of the need of a particular type of content. Wayfinding is a vast variety of material and signs and usually requires an understanding of human behaviour.

Wayfinding Signage Informational

Signage for information is similar in concept to identification signs however, it tends to be more general, and is usually applie to the whole building.

It is recommend to place informational signs in a place in which a lot of people are likely to view it, for instance your waiting rooms, your lobby and entryways.

When thinking about the different types of informative signs which could be need for your particular business, think about the kinds of questions customers might be asking.

Then ensure that your signage provides precise answers to those questions. For instance the information wayfinding signage should be able to answer:

  •         The bathrooms are located in the area.
  •         Your operating hours
  •         Your address for your home
  •         Where the elevators and the stairs are
  •         If you have WIFI that is free
  •         In the cafeteria, or any the other dining areas can be found.

Be sure to use symbols and languages that are easily comprehend by all when they look at your signage with information.

Wayfinding Signage – The Directional

The use of directional signage can help your clients or customers find the place they wish to go. Your signage should be simple enough and placed in the proper location so that you can almost feel that your tour guide is invisible and in the process of guiding you to your destination.

They must be located in places where there’s not an obvious flow of traffic, like when you go to an area of your structure where there are more than one route which you could take.

Effective Direction Signs Include

  •         Plaques on the wall at every intersection, showing which direction to go
  •         A directory for companies telling you what floor each employee’s office is located on.
  •         Space markers that are physically distancing or
  •         Also, coloured lines on floor to be followed.

What Are Wayfinding Signs? Are They Valued?

Wayfinding signs can help you locate the way to a specific area, such as malls and hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, and many similar physical places.

The wayfinding signs don’t just serve to guide your path, but they also give you some details about the particular location, assist you to find your location and give any particular details about the location.

The signs can be create to your specifications. Simple or that is a bit more creative, you can choose whatever is most suitable for you. The innovative signs are up of attractive graphics and text which could be more appealing.

How Can You Make Use Of It?

Wayfinding signs assist users navigate to a specific shop or stop. This is an innovative approach since the sign is up of components such as stunning graphics and captivating text.

You can make use of symbols, arrows and words or design your own by using the three. The design you select is attractive and easy to comprehend and read.

Wayfinding Signs Of Different Types

Informational Signs

Informational signage might be the answer to many people’s concerns such as ‘Where’s the bathroom? What is the location of the garbage bin? Where are the elevators and steps where are they?’

The answers are provided by way of signage, either an image drawn in the form of a board, or with the direction of the board. The language or icons are usually easy to comprehend at a single glance.

You may have noticed various signs with informational messages like “No Smoking No Parking Free Wi-Fi’ and so on. These signs can also help you learn the rules for an area.

Directional Signs

The directional signs are use as an aid for those who wish to visit an area. They can be see as direction arrows in airports, malls and food courts, parks and other such locations.

If you’re a business owner who wants to draw new customers, it is best to position it in an area where people can be able to easily access your business without hassle.

Identification Signs

It is the most commonly use kind of wayfinding sign that assists the pedestrian to find a particular location.

These could be signs for bathrooms or office signs, such as the accounting office food section,’staff only’ that you will be able to identify with. The signs will tell you exactly where you are at the current moment.

Warning Signals

Signs warning you to beware of dogs’, ‘Be aware of your head or ‘Wet Floor’ warn you of the dangers that could lead to damage. The signs are usually dark-colour and are in a way that will draw attention of anyone.

There are also attractive sign boards that do not only direct you to the correct way but also advertise your business effectively and effectively, even though they’re not an advertising instrument.