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Why Plum Cake is Used in Christmas Occasion?


In the Christmas celebration, people use Plum Cake. In fact, British colonists used to bake plum cakes for months in advance, and sent them as part of Christmas hampers along with wine and presents. This custom is still alive today! But why is Plum Cake used in this occasion? Here are a few reasons. And we’ll cover how to make one, too! Read on to discover why this treat is so special!

Tradition of eating plum cake

Tradition of eating plum cake in Christmas occasion goes back to medieval times. In the past, people in England had observed a period of abstinence from certain foods, including plum cake. Apparently, this was done to prepare their bodies for the upcoming overindulgence of the festive season. Today, this delicious dessert is eaten with aplomb on Christmas. The story of the beginning of the plum cake is fascinating and merits an investigation.

Traditionally, the plum cake is soaked in alcohol to impart a nutty flavor. The alcohol is believed to bring good luck, but there are also some alcohol-free versions of this cake available. In any case, it is recommended to soak the fruit for a minimum of a month prior to the Christmas occasion. Once the dry fruit has been soaked, the cake is baked in a rich buttery batter. Alternatively, the plums are covered with a layer of icing before baking.


If you are planning to bake a delicious Christmas cake, you may want to check out the recipe of Plumcake for Christmas occasion. It’s simple to make it requires only few ingredients, and it tastes great. It’s baked at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes. Once baked, the plum cake will be soft and flavoured. And it can be stored for several weeks, so you can enjoy it even after the Christmas season.

In order to make a delicious plum cake, you should soak raisins, black raisins, tutti frutti, and sweet cherries in rum. Then, you should whisk together the condensed milk and butter until smooth. Then, gently fold in the sieved flour. If desired, you can add some spices and orange juice. Once the mixture is ready, proceed with the plum cake recipe.

Way to make it

The best way to make a delicious Christmas fruit cake is by baking it yourself. All you need is a tin with an aluminum base that is at least 200 mm (8″) in diameter and a piece of parchment paper. Place the fruit cake in the oven for around 30 to 40 minutes. When the cake has finished baking and you are ready to remove the parchment paper and place the cake onto an uncooked wire rack. This will allow it to let it cool completely. After baking, brush a sugar syrup on top of the plum cake. To make it softer, you can soak dry fruits in rum or orange juice for at least 24 hours before adding them to the plum cake.

Then, soak the dried fruit in rum or other type of liquor. Use any leftover alcohol to feed the cake and enhance the flavor of the plums. If you wish, you can add some extra ingredients to the cake, such as dried fruits, raisins or tutti-fruity. You can also make use of brown sugar in lieu of granulated sugar to create an even more textured texture. Once the dried fruit is well soaked, you can add rum or brandy to the batter.

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