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How to Choose Your Perfect Pair of pleaser high heels?

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Get ready to be crazier than ever with the perfect fun shoes for you! We’re here to help you choose the best pair of Pleasure shoes, whether you’re looking to buy your first pair or a new style. 

You can use this guide to determine your ideal shoe size, your ideal heel height, and your ideal dress style.

Which size to choose for pleaser high heels?

You need to buy the right size to prevent your pleaser high heels from blowing off when you walk or crushing your toes when dancing. Finding the perfect size may take some trial and error, but there are some general rules to follow.

You must order your shoe size if you want the open-toe style. It’s a good idea to order a size larger for closed-toe shoes. Do you usually wear a half-size? 

For closed-toe shoes, order up to a half size larger; For open-toe shoes, please order below. You may need to order a size or two larger if your feet are wide.

Remember that leather and patent leather shoes stretch with use. If you have new shoes made of one of these materials that are too tight, it may take some getting used to. If your shoe is too big, try putting on an insole, regardless of the material. 

You can wear fun shoes that come in women’s sizes, even if you usually wear men’s sizes. To determine your women’s clothing size, simply multiply your size by 2. For example, if you normally wear a men’s size 7, you would wear a women’s size 9.

How high should you wear your bought gothic shoes?

If you’re new to pole dancing heels, we recommend choosing a 6″ heel from our Aspire range. Since it’s low enough for stability yet high enough for leverage, this heel height is ideal for beginners. 

Pole dancing shoes are not only easy to dance to, but they also make your legs look long! Support and are comfortable.

Once you have mastered your 6″ heels, you can move on to 7,” and 8″ heels. The ideal heel height for many dancers is the 8″ flamenco line.

Select the desired color and style of buy gothic shoes:

Most styles of shoes offered by Pleasure are available in multiple colors. Do you want the gold to sparkle just because you want it to, or do you want a color to match a particular dress or outfit? Whichever you choose, you can find a variety of styles in your color.

Consider the type of dance shoes you like to wear. Their aesthetic appeal and the support they provide to the ankle make ankle boots popular. Thigh-high boots are really tempting. 

Then there are sandals to think about. This classic pole dance shoe design comes with clear or colored PVC straps, so you can choose the look you want.

Take care of your dance form.

Your favorite shoe will depend on the type of dance you do. Pole dancers need shoes that won’t fly off mid-rotation and stick to the pole to help them climb. 

Shoes are an excellent option for election workers. Just be careful not to pick one with too many curls! Any bits of metal, nails, or rhinestones on the cane slippers can scratch the cane and do some tricky tricks.

You need the other type of shoe to work on the ground. Here, you need shoes that slide easily on the ground. 

Forget the grip like in a club. Leather and other shoes with a matte finish are great options for floor work. If you want to wear shiny shoes, choose them carefully, as constant rubbing against the floor will shorten the life of the shine.

Price shoe pleasure

A good investment is a nice pair of shoes to please. You spend money on high-quality shoes that will keep you up all night without discomfort. 

But don’t worry, the price of Pleasure Shoes is reasonable. With so many options, you’re sure to find a pair of your choice within your price range.

If you want to save even more money, check out our online sales section. Do not forget to also register in popular stores. Each purchase will earn points you can redeem for cash on subsequent orders.


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