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Why Do People Prefer Manual Transmission Over Automatic Transmission?

Why Do People Prefer Manual Transmission Over Automatic Transmission

According to a research report from Statista, 37.17% of vehicles are equipped with manual transmission types, as compared to 28.72% of automatic transmissions in 2020. However, a survey suggests that these are the two major transmission types dominating the automobile industry.

Manual transmission is an older technology, while automatic transmission came into action a bit later.

When it comes to the application, data suggests that automatic transmission has not been able to win the battle while people still love manual transmission. Therefore, there is always a debate about both these transmission types.

Before digging deep, it is wise to learn about these transmission types.

Manual Transmission:

The driver shifts gears manually as they accelerate and decelerate their cars using a lever. Lever is typically used to describe automobiles with a manual or standard transmission.

The lever shifter sits at the centre console on either left or right hand depending on the nature of driving. It links to the transmission under the hood.

The driver depresses the clutch pedal to shift gears, moves the lever to the desired gear slot, and then let go of the clutch pedal to engage the engine’s power with the transmission.

A manual transmission needs a driver to control the vehicle during the engagement and disengagement of gears.

Automatic Transmission:

The automatic transmission does not require any effort as the vehicle is solely responsible for changing gears by using fluid pressure inside the transmission system.

The automatic transmission relies on a planetary gear set. The component is responsible for producing a number of gear ratios.

Besides, there is automatic transmission fluid that activates the bands and clutches to decide on the current gear of the vehicle. This fluid aids in propulsion, in addition to cooling and lubricating the transmission’s moving parts.

A torque converter functions like a clutch on a manual transmission while managing the drive train too.

Analysis of people’s preference manual over automatic transmission

The Statisa survey also predicts the market share for these two types of transmission types. As manual transmission will be part of 36.15% of vehicles while automatic transmission will serve 25.82% of automobiles in 2025.

The data suggests that both transmissions will be quite dominating in the near future.

But, one question that revolves in anyone’s mind is why people prefer manual transmissions when there is an effortless automatic transmission available.

A variety of factors dictate such preferences. This is an effort to shed light on the major factors that people consider while looking for a particular transmission in a vehicle.

Manual transmission provides superior acceleration than automatic.

However, automatic transmission appears to be an advanced technology, but it lacks the expected acceleration as compared to manual transmission.

However, automatic transmissions facilitate a kind of stress free service as a driver does not have to keep changing gears. Many people argue that driving a geared vehicle is less boring than driving an automatic. Most automotive enthusiasts prefer owning and driving a lever-shift vehicle as it gives them the RPMs and speeds they expect.

Manual transmission dominates in fuel efficiency.

No matter how much an automatic transmission is efficient in its operations, the vehicle that is equipped with a manual transmission excels in fuel efficiency.

The automatic transmission uses a number of gear ratios and the vehicle’s acceleration as well as deceleration determines the gear changes. Therefore, automatic vehicles make more shuffles as compared to manual ones and consume more fuel.

However, manufacturers have been making extensive efforts to improve the performance of automatic transmissions.

Besides, a lack of car maintenance increases fuel consumption. You can make a visit to Service My Car for the transmission programming service. It surely helps a vehicle to work at its best.

Manual transmissions cost less to repair.

An automatic transmission counts on a complex configuration of several parts. It needs certain skills to deal with repairs. And, automatic transmission components are costlier.

While manual transmission is less costly due to it’s less complex technological platform. In case you need any repair, just head towards the Service My Car. We also provide many services like ac repair, engine repair, transmission repair, timing belt replacement, detailing, polishing, and many more. If you want to know more about the ​timing belt replacement cost UK for your car? We are here to let you know about the cost of timing belt replacement. Our team will help you to give all details at Service My Car.

A vehicle with a manual transmission is cheaper.

Generally speaking, manual cars cost less to buy than automatic cars and need less maintenance. Cost is a crucial consideration when buying a car.

Additionally, a cultural preference could exist. People in the UK still favour cars with manual transmissions. This is a result of the parts typically being more readily available and less expensive.

In addition, the topography of the UK makes the manual transmission better suited when people favour the countryside. These roads have rough terrain and are narrow and hilly. Geared vehicles offer a more comfortable driving experience in these circumstances.

However, modern automatic vehicles are much more responsive and efficient than earlier generations. But it takes time to fill a generation gap.

On the other hand, people in the USA love automatic vehicles as 98% of the market is made up of automatic transmissions.

An automatic is more suited to city riding when a driver needs to manoeuvre through stop and go traffic. Motor enthusiasts cherish the manual transmission, keeping its performance superiority in mind. Besides, the car service ecosystem is stronger for manual transmissions for the time being.

However, Service My Car facilitates automatic as well as manual car transmission repair by expert technicians. You just need to book a service or request a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.



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